Corona Virus Precautions

Updated 3/20/2020   A Tradition of Caring

Our staff is continually caring for those that come into our facility.  We have implemented extra housekeeping and disinfecting of ourselves and our facilities.  We always have used universal precautions when handling your loved ones for the safety of our staff and for the families which we are serving.

Funeral and cremation arrangements can be made from your home using our collaboration center, zoom conferencing, telephone, fax
or a limited number of family can still visit with a funeral director in our  arrangement office.  We need to limit the number in office and meetings need to be scheduled in advance.  Please call in advance to schedule so we can take all appropriate disinfection of our facility to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We ask that everyone assist us in these safeguards by abiding to the protocols listed below:

* If you feel ill, have a fever or any symptoms of illness, please refrain from attending any funeral, public event and socially distance yourself from others until fully healthy! *

  1. Food and service to the public will be suspended during this time to limit exposure.  Individual water bottles will be available by request and served by our staff ensuring that proper sanitation is maintained.

 2. Encourage social distancing to limit contact between visitors and family members of the deceased to keep from spreading of the virus by personal contact.  Use words of comfort instead of hugs.

3. As required by our Governor,  Greg Abbott, as of midnight Friday, March 20, 2020 service gathering at 50% capacity.  We currently are recommending a private service in our chapel for family members and close friends limited to 100.  These services will be webcast via  We  encourage others to share the service from home in support of the family and utilize our online condolences on the deceased tribute page as one way to share support during this difficult time.   

Visitations will need to become come and go events, allowing  some family to stay while friends may pay respect to the deceased, show support for our families while reducing possible exposure to everyone.

Young children, elderly or those with  jeopardized health are encouraged to stay at home.

4. Hand sanitizer and Kleenex will be available at our funeral home.

5. All services in Sanders Memorial Chapel will be webcast at at no additional expense with the family's permission.

6.  Allow families to make service arrangements in our office, at their home or to avoid direct personal contact through our online collaboration center, phone or fax.
In the event that we are called upon to handle arrangements of any individual diagnosed with COVID-19 or any other illness, we will provide the dignified service of which their family decides is their preferred method of final disposition.

**Also, remember that after someone experiences death, they need to know that they are not alone (especially during this event).  Even if you are unable or decide against attending a funeral or memorial service, please support our families with phone calls, cards, letter or sending food from local restaurants, etc.

* We will continue to update our plans of action and protocols as new information is made available to us! *